Island Life Tiny Homes was established in January of 2016 by four visionary architectural students determined to provide an affordable, but elegant housing solution in British Columbia’s soaring housing marketing. Comfort, aesthetics, versatility and quality are the founding principles of our design narrative.  We believe that the tiny house movement will play an important role in the future lives of people, whether they are looking to become financially stable, environmentally friendly, or are just looking to try something new.

This is our contribution.


We design our homes in the most cutting edge technical software available, ensuring a smooth transition from design to construction and mitigating undesired surprises. By utilizing the digital realm, we are able to provide accurate estimates and calculations during the design development stage.


At Island Life Tiny Homes we believe that details are what make the design. Whether that be a beautiful seamless roof to wall transition or choosing an appropriate door handle, it is important that we get it right.


We utilize photo-realistic visualizations to provide you with a life-like representation of your dream home before it is built. We have also adapted Virtual Reality into our design process to provide you with the very experience of being inside of it.


During our journey we have had the pleasure to be featured on CTV News and various newspapers and blogs. We have also had the opportunity to speak at Yulio’s MosaicQUAD Conference Lecture. 


We have utilized our architectural education, ambition, prior carpentry and landscaping experience to build our first Tiny Home with our own hands. Despite it being our first time, we have been praised for our finesse and will continue to create high-quality projects. 

Douglas Peterson-Hui

Douglas hails from White Rock, British Columbia. He is currently studying Architectural Science at Ryerson University in Toronto, Ontario. When not attending school he is either running Dx2 Design and Landscaping with his friend and business partner Daniel, or working on building projects with fellow colleagues. Ever since a young age, construction and building has captured his imagination. He believes that architecture is not a style but a philosophy and that well designed buildings should reflect that.

Gregorio Jiminez

Currently studying architectural science at Ryerson University, Gregorio’s passion for building and environmental sustainability has lead him to Island Life Tiny Homes. He has been a carpenter for over 10 years and is owner of Honour Carpentry, based out of Toronto. His entrepreneurial spirit has given him a diverse background in business, marketing, international sales, and entertainment.

Daniel Sobieraj

Originally from Toronto, Ontario. Daniel is studying Architectural Science at Ryerson University and is currently in the Co-op program as part of his undergrad. He has previously worked at MTA, Ryerson University and runs Dx2 Design and Landscaping with his friend and business partner Doug. Daniel has always been fascinated with art, sustainable design, construction, and the building’s workings. Daniel believes architecture has the inevitable ability to influence people’s lives; thus, the quality of the architecture directly enhanes the quality of life.

Michael Hankus

Michael also studies architectural science at Ryerson University. Michael has always strived to be master of all trades, an artistic polymath. Being passionate about art and the art of building from a young age, architecture was the inevitable profession to pursue. Micro-optimized living has always been the most intriguing sector of architecture and this project was an opportunity he couldn’t miss. With professional experience in graphic design and architectural visualization, Michael contributes his graphic skills, bringing the ideas to life before they are built.

Judy Peterson

Doug’s Grandmother was the spark that lit the project. Without her, this project would never have been. We thank for her moral and initial financing.

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